Pre Construction Services

About our Pre-Construction Services

  • Review owner's GOALS & PRIORITIES
  • Review owner's overall PROJECT BUDGET
  • Review owner's TIME SCHEDULE
  • Develop an OVERALL MANAGEMENT PLAN AND CPM MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE of critical design and construction dates in order to accomplish the stated objective.
Nordstrom Contracting & Consulting
Nordstrom Contracting & Consulting

1. Monitor evolving design and make suggestions with regard to equipment, material and systems selections.
2. Consult with owner and architect on means and methods of construction.
3. Review schematic design documents.
4. Submit input to the owner and the architect relative to time and cost control.
5. Identify certain areas of phased construction.
6. Prepare a critical data schedule.

1. Review the design development documents.
2. Prepare a detailed estimate based on available design drawings in a Subcontractor bid format to insure that the project is within budget.
3. Analyze the project for potential alternative equipment, material and systems
selections for cost savings,
4. Prepare "trade-off" studies relative to value engineering.
5. Review and update the critical data schedule.
6. Review project for constructibility.
7. Discuss project with contractors and material suppliers to determine work loads, bonding capacity availability, worker/mechanic availability, etc., and to develop interest in project, intent in bidding the work, and fine tuning the time schedule to provide best possible time to receive bids and construct the project.
8. Prepare a site use study to be used for allocation of space for storage, parking and temporary facilities.
9. Prepare cash flow analysis for both the design and construction phases.

1. Prepare and update estimates in the sub-contractor format and recommend any changes necessary to stay with owner's budget and time schedule.
2. Review the drawings and specifications and make comments and suggestions.
3. Develop a detailed CPM construction schedule

1. Project manual, outlining the requirements of the construction.
2. Schedule (by bid package interface).
3. Detailed scope of work.
4. Detailed document listing.
5. Bid forms for each bid package
6. Form of Contract and Purchase Order Forms.
7. Insurance requirements.
8. Bonding requirements.
9. Other special requirements.

1. Project requirements.
2. Document review for specific questions.
3. Sequence/ schedule review.
4. Site restrictions.
5. Owner and Architect comments.
6. Other questions raised during discussions.

1. Assist owner in advertising and soliciting bids.
2. Assist owner in bid opening.
3. Prepare bid tabulations for each bid package.
4. Review bid for compliance with Contract Documents.
5. Review apparent low bidder's qualifications, past experience and liquidity.
6. Develop recommendations for awards.
7. Prepare all Prime Contractor agreements and other paper work. Gather performance and payment bonds, insurance and other required items.