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Construction Phase Services

About our Construction Phase Services

1. Establish site organization, including work and storage areas.
2. Establish job site management organization and job site procedures.
3. Maintain log for job site record and maintain as-built drawings and records.
4. Coordinate general conditions work to meet project requirements.
5. Monitor and maintain quality control.
6. Shop drawing control
7. Equipment and material control.
8. Provide and monitor overall progress and short interval scheduling.
9. Prepare billings and progress payments.
10. Conduct contractor Coordination Meetings.
11. Provide coordination between contractors.
12. Prepare and receive requests for information.
13. Monitor and maintain safety program and procedures.
14. Prepare agendas and conduct weekly safety and progress meetings.
15. Prepare and distribute weekly safety and progress meeting minutes

1. Provide operating and maintenance manuals
2. Secure and assemble warranties or guarantees.
3. Provide check-out of equipment.
4. Instruct operating personnel in equipment operating and maintenance procedures.
5. Assist in actual start-up of equipment.
6. Coordinate completion of all punch list items.
7. Implement close-out procedures and ensure requirements are met including;
a. Contractors and vendor's final payment.
b. Resolution of claims.
c. Final change orders.
d. Lien releases.
e. Final lien waivers.
8. Receive warranty/guaranty work items from contractors nd monitor work to insure satisfactory repairs in a timely manner.
9. Conduct walk-through with Owner and Architect at end of one-year operation.
10. Log all warranty items encountered during the first year of operation.

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