Proven Track Record:
The principals of Nordstrom Contracting & Consulting Corp (NCC) have accrued
more then 100 years of experience in Construction Industry. Our team of
professionals have been directly involved in the planning and construction of
numerous and varied building projects, from high-rise office buildings in New
York, to the construction of custom single family homes in South Carolina. With
project experience in both the public and private sectors the NCC resume
includes virtually every major contracting discipline, from representing Owners as
a Construction Manager/Owner’s Representative, to Design/Build projects, to
Lump Sum Competitive Bidding on Public Works Projects, to Private
Development. We have provided our clients with such services as: engineering
ideas, logistical planning, estimates, cost control plans, and change order and
claim management. In addition, we have also offered expert support in legal
matters such as providing expert testimony. This extensive and diverse
background has given NCC the unique ability to assess construction issues from
all sides, and has enabled us to find workable solutions to contested and
complex issues, many times leading to settlement, rather than lengthy and costly
litigations. Let NCC show you that your project can be completed within the
agreed upon time and budget constraints.
About Us
Our Management:
Oscar Nordstrom Sr.
After more than 40 years devoted to the field of construction (26 years with the
Cappelli Enterprises (CEI) and the George A. Fuller Company, Inc.), Oscar R.
Nordstrom opened the Nordstrom Contracting & Consulting Corporation (NCC)
in 2004. Prior to starting NCC with other family members and associates, Mr.
Nordstrom was directly involved in the planning and construction of numerous,
large and varied building projects, from high-rise office buildings in New York, to
a resort hotel in the Catskills, to the City Center in White Plains, NY. Mr.
Nordstrom has worked in both the public and private sectors, and his
contracting experience covers the full range of the contracting industry from
Construction Management, to Lump Sum Competitive Bidding, to Private
Development. As a Senior Vice President in charge of construction and
purchase with CEI, Mr. Nordstrom’s wide range of experience insured the
successful completion of all of the projects which were undertaken.

Education/ Military Training:
Civil Engineering Studies, City College of New York
A.A.S. Engineering Science, Bronx Community College
Member - Tau Alpha Pi - National Honor Society - Civil Engineers
Chief of Survey, US Army Artillery Battalion
"The Pursuit of Excellence is a Lifetime Journey; Your Project
will stand as a Road Sign along the Way"
Michael Nordstrom
Vice President- Project Manager
A graduate of Fordham University,  with years of hands on experience in the
construction industry ranging from carpenter, and electrical apprentice to
project manager. From custom built homes to high rise apartment buildings
Michaels experience and extensive knowledge give him the perfect tools to help
ensure every job is completed with the utmost attention to detail. Michael's
primary duties include project management, estimating, budgeting,
scheduling, cost control,  and quality control.

BA in Finance, Fordham University School of Business, Bronx NY
Numerous Credits towards engineering & accounting degree's
Certified 30 HR OSHA Construction Industry Competent Person
Certified Professional Industrial Hygienist,  Asbestos Project Monitor, and
Asbestos Air Monitor Technician
Contracting &
Consulting, Corp.
Oscar Nordstrom JR
Vice President
Oscar is responsible to supervise all project managers, coordinate team
meetings, prepare safety and quality control plans and to interface with each
member of the project teams. As a seasoned Project Manager he has
successfully completed a variety of very challenging construction projects.
Among his responsibilities as Sr. Project Manager include overseeing timely
construction schedules, tight cost control, change order and subcontractor
management, manpower scheduling, estimating and purchasing. Oscar has
over 27 years of experience in the construction industry.

BA in Construction Management, ITT Tech
Certified 30 HR OSHA Competent Person
OSHA training in excavation and shoring- subpart B
Nordstrom Contracting & Consulting, Corp.
9 Ingalls St
Suite 41
NY 10960
Office Phone: (914) 269-4343 - Fax: (914) 269-4344
Our past and current clients include:
- Commercial
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • The United States Social Security Administration
  • George A Fuller, Corp.
  • Saturn Construction
  • Cappelli Enterprises

- Residential references given upon request